Becoming a Humanist

The popularity of humanist funerals and ceremonies is increasing so I wanted to write about humanism.

There are many reasons why you would like to know about the process of Becoming a Humanist since its goals stress human concerns, dignity, rationality and capabilities. Humans are at the center of the world and the goal is to achieve mankind’s potential. It is no wonder that many geniuses at every single point in history have followed this philosophy because one of its most important goals is seeking knowledge. In order to explain its success and its positive benefits on humankind I will mention some of the most important characteristics below:

Characteristic 1 – The pursuit and seeking of knowledge. This can be achieved by using the scientific method and reasoning in order to test hypothesis.

Characteristic 2 – Being pragmatic. for this reason, metaphysical issues fall out of the real of humanism since the most important element to consider is the mortal human.

Characteristic 3 – Sheer optimism. Humanists believe that hard work leads to life improvement and the bettering of other people’s lives.

Characteristic 4 – Love for other human beings and concern of human affairs. By focusing on the present moment, not a distant past or future a human being will reach their potential. Leaving a better world for generations to come is a side effect of being a humanist since the welfare of humanity is of the utmost importance for the humanist.

Characteristic 5 – Being a freethinker. With so many religions and philosophies seeking to drown freedom of thought and even basic human rights, it is of the utmost importance to strive to determine what’s good and bad in an independent way. This way, an individual will be free from the influence, prejudices and superstitions of other people.

Characteristic 6 – Working on happiness. There are many theories on how an individual can reach happiness. Humanism believes that living well and doing charitable work is of the essence.

Although the aforementioned characteristics are among the most important ones it is by no means a complete list since they are just the starting point to lead a more fulfilling life where happiness and the benefit of humankind is achieved. All these benefits work together to facilitate the final goal of improving the personal and collective world at the same time. It is the only philosophy that avoids conflict between individual and society. As a matter of fact in this case, the success of one is the success of the other. There is only one thing left to consider and it can be found in the form of Becoming a Humanist the right way and this can be found in the form of individuality, introspection and study of the philosophy.

Articles conributed by a humanist celebrant who deliver humanist funerals in yorkshire.

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